Template:Game Template:Infobox Achievement Sally Likes Blood is a campaign achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is best to use a sniper rifle to get the kills.

In order to unlock this trophy, you must kill 3 enemies with a single bullet. If you are lucky this will unlock while playing the campaign, but if not then here are some easy ways to unlock it:

  • In the mission Victor Charlie you will come to a point where you are clearing a village after blowing the base with C4. While attacking this village a boat will approach from the river, if you shoot the enemy standing at the front of the boat, you should unlock this trophy.
  • It is possible to unlock this trophy/achievement in multiplayer zombie mode. While using a shotgun or rifle, wait until there are 3 zombies in close proximity to one another. You can fire and hope for a collateral.
  • It is possible to obtain this trophy in dead ops arcade. When using the chain gun you will be able to kill 3 enemies with one bullet.
  • It is also easy to do this when you delete your Black Ops game files and don't download the patches. If you have done this go to Zombie Mode and go to "Five". You have to buy the Olympia and/or the M14 and do the glitch to get on the tables so that zombies can't reach you. Then wait for the zombies to gather in one bunch and shoot them and you should probably get the achievment/trophy.

Trivia Edit

  • The trophy is a reference to one of the pistols on the cover on Black Ops, as it has 'Sally' carved onto it.
  • This achievement is possible and much easier to be earned in Zombie Mode, when getting a sniper rifle from the Mystery Box. However it appears that it is not possible to earn the achievement while Insta-Kill is active.
  • Since the achievement require players to use a single bullet, using crossbow with explosive bolts does not count.

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