Template:Game Template:Infobox Achievement Lord Nelson is a campaign achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Black Ops, that can be gained in the mission "Crash Site".

The name is a reference to Template:W, a British Admiral who defeated Napoleon's navy in the decisive Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic wars.

To unlock this trophy you need to destroy the following buildings:

  • The wooden and Stone building to your left.
  • the 5 buildings and then the structure to your right.
  • the 11 buildings along the cliffside where the trunks are driving.
  • The 2 towers and the 2 buildings on the island.
  • The 3 buildings along-side the ones on the island
  • The 2 buildings directly beside in the mossy area beside the previous 3.
  • The building above the previous one.
  • The next 9 buildings and 2 towers along the river in plain view.
  • The building opposite the previous towers.
  • The 2 buildings next to the target on the left.
  • The two buildings on the river.
  • The two Buildings directly after you destroy the wooden bridge.
  • The building on top of the hill.
  • The 6 buildings after the next trunk.
  • The 5 buildings before the wooden bridge.
  • The final 2 buildings after the bridge.

    Once you've successfully all those buildings/structures you will unlock this trophy/achivement.

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