File:Imagename (optional)
name (optional, default is pagename)
Console codename

Console codename (optional)


Damage (optional)

Damage Multipliers

Damage Multipliers (optional)

Magazine Size

Magazine Size (optional)


Tier (BO only, optional)

Unlocked at

Unlocked at (optional)

Cost (Black Ops)


Cost (Zombies)

Cost (Nazi Zombies, optional)

Cost (Survival Mode)

cost (Survival Mode, optional)

Starting Ammunition

Starting Ammunition (optional)

Maximum Ammunition

Maximum Ammunition (optional)

Reload Time

Reload Time (optional)

Rate of Fire

Rate of Fire (optional)

Range (explanation)

Range (optional, measured in inches)


Explosive radius (optional, measured in inches)


Recoil (optional)


Penetration (optional)

Fire Mode

Fire Mode (optional)

Used by

Used by (optional)

HUD icon

File:Pickup icon (optional, file name only)

Kill icon

File:Kill icon (optional, file name only, use only if the kill icon differs from pickup icon)


Sound (optional)

colspan=2 style="text-align:center; margin: 0px; padding:0px; border-bottom:1px solid #999;"
TOP 10 Combat Rifles - M14(No03:03

TOP 10 Combat Rifles - M14(No.10)

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